Strategic Collaboration Between United Selections and Könst Alstroemeria

September 13, 2021

United Selections and Könst Alstroemeria have officially partnered in their pursuit to meet evolving needs of their clients. The two companies are strengthening their positions in the market by joining forces, but at the same time, they both maintain their focus on their specific product(groups). Being both established players in Roses, Alstroemeria, and Zantedeschia, this partnership will foster their strength and market position with their products.

United Selections: 

By entering into this partnership with Könst Alstroemeria, United Selections proceeds with developing scale within the sector and her customers/production companies. In addition, the vertical chain integration translates to a horizontal model, whereby production companies grow different products in highly productive countries. This approach allows both companies to respond better to the needs of their clients.

In Kenya, a designated show/selection greenhouse for Könst Alstroemeria varieties will be opened to foster the success of this collaboration. Coming weeks and months, growers in Kenya will have the opportunity to visit and review existing and new varieties at an altitude of 2150m above sea level.

Additionally, through the showhouse, United Selections will aid in the distribution of Alstroemeria plants to different growers in Kenya upon request. However, sales and commercial activities will be executed by Könst Alstroemeria.

Konst Alstroemeria:

This partnership with United Selections will better prepare Könst Alstroemeria for future challenges. As a highly specialized breeding company in Alstroemeria and Zantedeschia, this cooperation will fortify its presence in several countries through marketing, sales, and production.


For the past year, the two companies established different ways to complement each other, leading to this partnership. Moving forward, Könst Alstroemeria will start producing high-quality budwood at her facilities in Colombia for the Latin American clients of United Selections.


This collaboration means in upcoming events; you will probably find the two companies teaming up in various ways, from participating in one stand in different shows and exhibitions to organizing open day events and more. At this moment, this also depends on the possibility of events due to the ongoing pandemic, but moving forward, both companies will be actively present to interact with you.

Stay up to date by following both United Selections and Könst Alstroemeria social media accounts to avoid missing any future communications regarding this subject.

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Explore the Limitless Possibilities of our Blossoms

September 6, 2021

Spray roses are with no doubt intriguing and most versatile roses for all your floral arrangements. Blossoms line of spray roses, which Thursd recently published an exclusive, is full of colour, character and energy.

Damien, had quite a moment when arranging a crown using wheat and flowers, in this case, three varieties from the Blossoms family, namely; Pink, Tender and Speaking Blossoms.

To review his comments regarding the three varieties and also see different pictures he made from his arrangement, please read more here

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United Selections Set to Represent WAC Breeding in Africa and Europe

September 3, 2021

In their pursuit to bring more colours and to contribute immensely to the development of a robust floral supply chain, United Selections’ recent partnership with WAC breeding goes a long way in contributing to this cause.

WAC breeding is famously known for Catch the Bi-colored rose, the Robins and Weavers collections among other established varieties.

United Selections have a strong footing on the red roses, with the established Madam Red and also Upper Class and Red Torch and recently coming up strongly with their spray roses. Breeding a colourful future is a commitment and one that requires a partnership like this to add more colour choices for growers to choose from globally. In regard to this partnership; trial and commercial requests for all WAC varieties; commercial and new varieties in both Africa and Europe will be handled by United Selections.

In the coming weeks/months commercial and new varieties from WAC will be included in United Selections Showhouse in Nakuru, Kenya. To foster this partnership and bring it more to the limelight, expect joined participation for both United Selections and WAC during the open days and other marketing events and exhibitions.

All requests and inquiries regarding WAC commercial and new varieties will all be attended to by United Selections. For more information and questions regarding WAC varieties, please get in touch with;

United Selections

WAC Breeding


Speaking Blossoms Available Weekly at the Clock

August 11, 2021

It has been more than a month since the introduction of Speaking Blossoms at the Royal FloraHolland clock. Braam Roses BV is auctioning weekly this spray rose which adds to the list of our growing Blossoms spray rose line.

Speaking Blossoms is available in length of 50-60 cm, with an average number of buds per stem being 4 to 6 buds depending on the stem length. Tender and Pink Blossoms from our Blossoms selections are also available at the clock. New additions, which will be introduced in the market soon are; Golden, Sweet, and Cherry Blossoms.

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Time for Spray Roses

August 9, 2021

Open up to spray roses; we’re excited to introduce our Blossoms line in our spray roses. Over the years we have intensified our breeding operations to bring you cutting-edge, quality and sustainable spray-rose varieties. Blossoms selections have the following varieties, that are already in the market; Pink Blossoms, Tender Blossoms and recently introduced Speaking Blossoms.

Golden, Sweet, Velvet, Snowy, Innocent, Candy and Cherry Blossoms are among new additions in the Blossoms family, which will be available very soon in the market. As we gear towards creating more awareness on our Blossoms line and to foster the consumption of spray roses, Thursd recently published a detailed story regarding our spray roses, specifically the Blossoms line. Please read more by clicking this link Open Up to Spray Roses.

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Jumilia- Hot Bi-colored Rose

July 8, 2021

There is a trend right now and a great demand for warm Bi-colored roses by florists. Florists are keen to add a WOW character to their different arrangements and they turn mostly to Bi-colored roses to achieve this.

Jumilia is a classic Bi-colored or rather Bi-Pink coloured rose with the ability to transform any arrangement and add tremendous value. This beautiful rose comes with a stem length of 60 cm and stays long on the vase for 15+ days. Thursd recently did a comprehensive article highlighting Jumilia and giving you more reasons as to why you should go shopping for Jumilia. Please find out more by reading the article by clicking this link

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Speaking Blossoms Coming to the Clock

June 29, 2021

Braam Roses B.V is set to introduce Speaking Blossoms at the clock this week. Speaking Blossoms is a Bi-pink colored and a homogeneous spray rose with all buds flowering. Braam Roses will supply Speaking Blossoms in lengths of 50-60cm. There will be constant supply daily after the introduction.

Speaking Blossoms adds to the growing list of colors in our Spray rose assortment. Please expect more introduction of different and interesting colors of our spray roses soon. Review some of our new additions like; Golden Blossoms, Snowy Blossoms, Sunset Magic, Secret Magic among others.

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Speechless, New and Unique Intermediate Rose

June 26, 2021

We paid a courtesy call to Zena Roses Ltd-Asai farm recently to check on the growth of Speechless. Speechless is a new intermediate rose, Bi-pink in color, stem length of 50-60 cm, and vase life of up to 12 days.

Speechless on the Vase

Japhet who is the farm manager of Zena Roses Ltd-Asai farm indicated that Speechless is a gamechanger in the intermediate category, with the incredible production of 200 stems and more per square meter, good growing, and transport characteristics make this rose an interesting variety. The article was published by floral daily, please read on by clicking this link

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Benard Muthuri,
Sales Manager,
Zena Roses

United Selections,
Marketing Team


Royal Magic and Pink Blossoms at Mzurrie Flowers-Bahati Premium Roses

June 15, 2021

We recently paid a visit to Mzurrie Flowers-Bahati Premium to check on the progress of Royal Magic and Pink Blossoms. The two spray roses have unique traits, this is why Bahati Premium chose to go commercial with them because they are keen on planting spray roses with special characteristics.

Our interactions with Bahati Premium was documented in this article published on Floral daily, to read more about the unique traits of Royal Magic and Pink Blossoms, please click this link

Get in touch with Mzurrie Flowers- Bahati Premium to place your orders of Royal Magic and Pink Blossoms below;

Mzurrie Flowers

United Selections



Celebrate National Rose Month with our Colorful Selections

June 9, 2021

June has always been marked as the national rose month because most of the roses are blooming during this period. This holiday presents yet another great opportunity to soak in the passion, love, and magical touch of roses. Roses have undergone tremendous innovation over the years, especially from a breeding standpoint. From our position as rose breeders, the past decade has been worthwhile, insightful, and rewarding altogether. The end result of our passion and dedication for the past ten years is the beautiful, customer-centric roses both standard and spray roses enjoyed today by different rose lovers around the globe.

There is a rose for every emotion, feeling, and occasion

Whether you want to express your deepest desire and passion towards someone or celebrate a friendship that is dear to you, our wide range of colors will truly come in handy. Love is a beautiful thing and it is why our roses bred with love and a touch of romance, Madam Red and Finally are the most ideal red roses to profess your love. The world needs more love and flowers now more than ever, so do your friendships: with our yellow-rose selections, you are guaranteed to make a lasting impression on your friendships.

The world is slowly resuming normalcy and weddings are set to follow the same trend though not with a lot of aggression. However, we have a perfect assortment for your wedding, it will be a memorable and the most fulfilling day with our white roses. Florists love to explore and try different floral arrangements and we do believe with our orange rose, Confidential, you are capable of lighting up any floral arrangement to satisfy your customers’ needs.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, we have learned a thing or two about the importance of celebrating every moment and the resourceful people around us, these people deserve their roses now. Whether it is your friend, mother, father, lover, or any person in your life; there is a rose for each one of them. Visit our website to explore the different colors and types of roses we have in our assortment. Follow the conversations on our social media platforms too; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to stay up to date. Our world needs more flowers and love now more than ever, let share the roses and keep spreading the love.

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Confidential-Rose of the Month (April)

June 4, 2021

Flowerbuzz is always keen on testing different varieties and highlighting them for you to have a wider knowledge about the rose. In April, after a series of tests in their facility, they named Confidential as the rose of the month for the month of April. Confidential is a beautiful orange rose, with a clear and bright single-center spiral when fully open. It opens fully and nicely.

Confidential’s color not only adds some pop to any bouquet but also brings a warm and welcoming mood into any office or home. Please read more by clicking this link

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Happy Mother’s Day

May 9, 2021

To Every Mother around the world, the source of love and from them is where every story begins. Happy Mother’s Day.

Madam Pink is for sure the most ideal rose for every mum on this special day. Petals used in the decoration attached belong to Madam Pink.


We are sending love and best wishes to all Mothers and let’s keep on sharing more flowers and spreading the love to our Mothers at all times. Happy Mother’s Day


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