About us

Who we are

United Selections is a breeder with vast experience in rose breeding and selection that produces, colourful, high-quality & yielding, and sustainable varieties.
Our conviction is that this approach culminates in a robust floral chain and satisfaction for the end consumer.

Our breeding and selection operations take place primarily in Nakuru Kenya, in addition, we test and develop varieties in locations worldwide including Ethiopia, The Netherlands, Ecuador, Colombia, China, Japan, and of course additional locations in Kenya. Testing under different climate conditions and altitudes contributes to our catalog of the best-adapted and award-winning cut rose varieties such as Upper Class, Madam Red, Confidential, Jumilia, Lighthouse, and our new product line of Blossoms spray roses; such as Candy, Speaking, and Golden Blossoms.

Our Mission

The development of competitive, high-yielding, and disease-resistant hardy varieties optimized for the diverse growing areas of the world. To take on this task in a sustainable manner and most importantly help our clients become just as dominant in their particular competition space.

We strive to provide; colour, length, head size and, vase life qualities that suit different growers and markets. Don’t just take our word for it. Book a visit to any of our showhouses around the world to review our vast assortment.



To contribute to consistent growth of a reliable and sustainable floral supply chain through collaborative-variety development with special consideration for changing growing conditions and market forces. We aim to forge enduring collaborations in a field that requires long-term vision but also responsiveness to sudden changes.

We believe that optimization of a solid supply chain starts with product quality; with the provision of high quality and sustainable varieties better able to weather crises and take advantage of opportunities, we aim to help make our clients more robust in that task. Development in areas such as sea freight, specific disease resistance, and novel genetic technologies are a day-to-day reality for us. When we say we have a future vision it isn’t just marketing-speak. It is material and ongoing.

Our agents

Our network of dedicated agents plays a vital role in our success as a company. Their involvement makes our company a healthy, inspirational, and thriving global organization. We believe in our stated goal to breed a colourful future and share this globally; our collaborative approach is not just lip service, reliable agents are the backbone of our international network that makes this a reality. Reach out to an agent near you for inquiries and subsequently select befitting colours for your trials.

Representations and partnerships

Through different partnerships and collaborations, we strive to serve our clients better. United Selections commercializes rose varieties from Brown Breeding in Africa, and WAC International in both Africa and Europe.

Beyond that, Konst Alstroemeria is a partner on different strategic levels as well. Konst Alstroemeria’s collaboration includes commercially supporting in Africa and also teaming up on commercial and marketing events. Reciprocally, Konst supports our budwood production needs for our varieties grown in Latin America, to boost our efforts to meet our clients’ budwood needs better.

Through different non-competitive projects, we also partner up in research projects around the world to improve our breeding innovations and to position ourselves better as a breeder. These partnerships include but are not limited to; supply chain and pest/disease-related projects to innovative breeding and support initiatives around the world.

Golden Blossoms

Our Clients

United Selections’ success as a breeder is built on the results of its clients. That’s why we implemented the Early Client Involvement program, which allows us to collaboratively select and breed varieties that will benefit everyone in the future.

For the past decade, we have jointly selected and developed varieties. Our conviction is that developing sustainable and high-quality varieties starts with the active involvement of all stakeholders throughout all stages.

As a breeder, we are passionate about our clients’ growth; breeding sustainable, high-quality, competitive, and dominant varieties is our way of demonstrating our commitment to this relationship. We value you and we are happy that you are part of the family; let’s keep sharing our amazing colours with the world of roses.

Our Open-Door Policy

No matter the location, the doors of our global facilities are always open for our clients and relations. We have exciting varieties with good growing traits; you are highly welcome to review them.

It is more colourful on this side; please schedule an appointment to review our vast assortment of standard and spray roses. We hope to welcome you soon!

Green Credentials

Solar Project

United selections is dedicated to achieving success by sustainable and environmentally friendly means. From the start, United has aimed to operate with these concepts in mind. We deployed an integrated pest management system to reduce reliance on chemical pesticides from the first day. Our crop specialists over the years have improved and augmented this program to further reduce our reliance on chemical controls.

In 2014 we added a wetland area to the site in order to further reduce chemical runoff protecting our local flora and fauna. We have at United run a zero-tolerance program regarding agrobacterium also from the first day. We propagate our varieties in a closed system and our pest management teams and frequent testing ensure that we can provide clean materials to our clients.

In 2022 we are deploying a water recycling system using UV light to decontaminate and reuse runoff water. For the first time, we will have a system allowing us to preserve both our sterile environment and further our commitment to environmental sustainability.

As a research-oriented organization, we are committed to finding new and better ways to coexist with our environment and frequently collaborate with educational institutions and science-driven initiatives around the globe. In various and specific areas of research.

With the use of Novel Breeding Tools, we strive to apply the latest breeding techniques in our breeding program and facility. Together with the big scale & program, this results in a distinguished variety portfolio.

We believe that breeding a colourful future is a collaborative goal and aim to make these words ring true in our actions.