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United Selections is a premier rose breeder with years of experience. Breeding and Selection of new rose varieties takes place in Kenya. United Selections BV uses test locations all over the world in Kenya, Ethiopia, The Netherlands, Ecuador, Colombia, Japan under different climate conditions at various altitudes to ensure presenting the best-adapted award winning cut rose varieties. To optimize product quality in various markets, United Selections has developed different product lines suitable for various markets and altitudes, which are released on a preferential basis.

Our agents

Our network of dedicated agents plays a vital role in our company; their involvement makes our company a healthy, inspirational and thriving global organization.

Our Clients

United Selections success as a breeder is built on the results of its clients. That’s why we implemented the Early Client Involvement program, which allows us to select and breed varieties that will benefit everyone in the future.

Our Open-Door Policy

No matter the location, the doors of our global facilities are always open for our clients and relations, so give us a call to schedule an appointment.

We are global


  • Show House and selection Roses
  • Coordination agents
  • Sales and legal office


  • International head office
  • Main breeding and selection location for Roses and Chrysanthemum
  • Show houses for Kenya (Thika / Nakuru / Eldoret)


  • Selection and show houses for Ethiopia (Debrezeit / Ziway)


  • Selection and show house for Ecuador (Tabacundo)


  • Main selection location for Latin America
  • Selection and show house for Colombia (Zipaquira)

The latest news

Rosa Icon Introduction by Rift Valley Roses

February 8, 2018

Tomorrow Friday 9th February Rift Valley Roses will be introducing Rosa Icon to the FH Aalsmeer auction.

Variety Information

VBN code: 118258

Length: 50-70cm

Vaselife: Excellent

Headsize: 5-6cm
For more information contact;

Happy New Year and Welcome to Our Open Days in Nakuru

January 9, 2018

To usher in 2018, we are happy to invite you to our annual Open Days event at the Nakuru facility in Kenya. The two day event shall be held on Friday 12th & Saturday 13th of January, 2018.

Join us as we launch and present our new assortment. We hope to have the best event for interacting and exchanging flower business ideas moving forward. Below are some of the upcoming varieties to expect;

Calgary, World Class, and Lovely Peach.

For these and more, all are encouraged to attend the open days.


Event Details

Venue: Ngata, Nakuru – Near Lord Egerton Castle

Day (s): 12th January & 13th January, 2018

Time: 10.00 am – 5.00 pm

Lunch will be served to all


For more information, questions; please contact;


A selection from our range











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Sales Africa

United Selections

Jelle Posthumus

m: +31620778897

m: +254786580761

e: jposthumus@united-selections.com


Elvis Musyoka

m: +254725176756

e: emusyoka@united-selections.com

Sales Brasil

United Selections BV

Jelle Posthumus

m: +31620778897

e: jposthumus@united-selections.com





Paco van der Louw

m: 55 19 99430-7707/55 19    3802-4352



Sales China

Yuxi De Ruiter Flower Co.,Ltd

Mr. Eduard Koks

m: +31(0) 655803198

e: eduard.koks@deruiter.com


Mr. Du Xiujuan

M: +86 18908778634

e: du.xiujuan@deruiter.com


Sales Colombia

United Selections SaS

Andrew Neidl

m: +593995456610

e: andrew.neidl@united-selections.com


Sandra Espinel

m: +573143541318

e: sandra@united-selections.com

Sales Ecuador

Latin Selections

Andrew Neidl

m: +593995456610

e: andrew.neidl@united-selections.com


Hugo Cifuentes

m: +593995675353

e: hugo@united-selections.com

Sales Europe & Russia

Schreurs BV

Ruud Klasens

m: +31615941189

e: ruud.klasens@schreurs.nl


Sales India

Cosmita Hortivision

Avinash Mokate

m: +918605002369

e: cosmitahortivision@gmail.com

Sales Iran

Avay Nasle Farday Ariyana (ANFA)

Mr. Alireza Chaichi

m: +989131674917

e: chaichi.alireza@gmail.com


Sales Japan

Marchen Rose Co Ltd

Mr. Mikia Motohashi

m: +81(0)973725522

e: m-motohashi@marchenrose.com

Sales Korea

Kyeong Sung Flower

Mr. Kwang Young Ko


e: gyeongsung1@naver.com

Sales Mexico

United Selections BV

Jelle Posthumus

m: +31620778897

e: jposthumus@united-selections.com

Sales Peru

United Selections

Jelle Posthumus

m: +31620778897

m: +254786580761

e: jposthumus@united-selections.com

Sales propagation

United Selections Kenya

Jelle Posthumus

m: +31620778897

m: +254786580761

e: jposthumus@united-selections.com

Sales South Africa

Takoza Roses

Frikkie Combrink

m: +27(83)3242524

e: f.combrink@mweb.co.za


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