Nova Vita: Experience the Purity

November 4, 2022

Nova Vita which was recently introduced at the clock by the Bliss Flora through their unpacker Decofresh is becoming such a delight to every floral designer.

If you have been a great follower of this rose, then you must have fancied the sleek designs which were made by different designers; please review them by clicking the link below

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However, the recent design is a trend design with the floral community; called rose reflexing. Reflexing, typically means the back bending of some of the outer petals of a rose to give it a new and yet attractive look. Lisa-Maria created magnificient design out of this technique with our novelty rose; Nova Vita.

Please read on to find out her take and feeling about this new premium white rose by clicking here

For more information on how to get this rose; Please reach out to Decofresh through their website or Faecbook page for details. We look forward to your review and feedback once you get a bouquet.

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