Nova Vita: The Ideal Star Rose For Floral Designers

September 23, 2022

Picture courtesy of Claudia Tararache

Nova Vita which was recently introduced at the auction by Bliss Flora through their unpacker; Decofresh; has gained a lot of traction and love from different floral creatives.

Based on a feedback and designers shared by five floral designers; Nova Vita once again displays her versatility and the possibilities of her usage; especially from a wedding floral decoration point of view. Nova Vita means ‘New Life’ or a ‘New Beginning’ and definitely it is a new beginning and a new life to the wedding community. Solely, because Nova Vita which is big-headed, with a pure white color is definitely the ideal rose you have been waiting for to elevate your wedding floral design needs.

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Each Floral designer had something to say about the glamour of Nova Vita; Read on here>

Nova Vita is currently available weekly at the clock but you can also contact Decofresh Roses directly if you are interested in accessing this rose. Please share your feedback once you experience this novelty, white-colored premium rose.

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