Breeding a Colourful Future Together

November 24, 2022

Today we are shining a light on the fruitful and timely strategic collaboration we entered with Konst Alstroemeria a year ago. It has been a great journey, and a learning curve especially for our team in Nakuru, who had to grow and take care of alstroemeria varieties; being the first time for them.

During the celebration of this milestone, our partnership turned into one year. We keenly notice and appreciate the tremendous achievements we’ve had in meeting our Latin America budwood needs but also Konst Alstroemeria being close to the Kenya growers and enhancing the quality of their services and delivery of quality plants through United Selections.

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The above are just a few highlights of the great results we have realized this past year since our partnership. Our collaboration in different marketing events and shows, has also added a different touch to our floral presentation needs and we couldn’t be more proud of the same.

We are excited and looking forward into the future, for more milestones. You are invited to our annual open days in January, where great and intriguing rose and alstroemeria varieties will be showcased. More details to follow soon!

Please read a detailed coverage of our partnership and the anniverssary by clicking here

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