Welcome Aboard Icon Selections

October 27, 2023

Recently we partnered with Icon Selections, a Chrysanthemums breeder based in Colombia. This partnership gives us the opportunity to represent them commercially in Africa. Given their expertise and breeding excellence in the world of mums, spanning almost a decade, it is a valuable partnership not only for us but you as the grower of chrysanthemums in Africa.

Icon Selections will have a selections/showhouse in Nakuru, Kenya; which both are already planted in preparation for next year’s open days set for the second week of January. It is a testament to our commitment to collaborate and development together, we are convinced that a colorful future is only a reality if we are able to collaborate and work together towards it.


Jelle Posthums at Icon Selections’ Showhouse in Colombia


Once the Showhouse is flowering, you will be notified to plan your visits, to review and select suitable varieties, that fit your growing and market needs.

Welcome aboard Icon Selections and here is to a colorful future.

For a detailed press release about our partnership and upcoming developments, you should look forward to, read this feature on Thursd, using the link below.

Icon and United Selections Partnership

For more information, please get in touch with us:
United Selections