United Selections’ Varieties Grown at Rift Valley Roses (RVR)

December 19, 2020

RVR’s culture is with no doubt a great resource when it comes to their production of quality roses. Additionally, their tailor-made Kaizen Philosophy dubbed TUKUZA; which aims at creating inclusivity in solving problems that arise along the way, emphasizing quality culture and teamwork has also been a great contributing factor to their success story in growing standard roses.

We took some time to have a sit down with Peterson(farm manager) and Stuart who is the farm owner to access the progress of our three varieties grown at their farm. The three varieties are; Red Torch, Bright Torch, and Icon. Full details about these varieties and RVR’s growing culture were captured in the article published by Floral daily; read more by clicking on this link https://www.floraldaily.com/article/9278213/our-culture-has-enabled-us-over-the-years-to-produce-and-deliver-quality-roses/

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