United Selections Spray Rose Trials at Subati – Subukia

September 23, 2020

Subati Flowers Ltd is one of the leading grower and exporter of standard (single head) and spray roses. Most of these cutflowers are grown at an altitude of 2200m above sea level.

In recent years, the company has been focussing on developing their spray rose line even further. In this regard, they have a strong cooperation with various rose breeders among them is United Selections. The cooperation involves selecting newly bred spray roses and testing them at Subati’s location.

This cooperation is in line with United Selections’ Early Client Involvement Program and so far the cooperation looks promising for both companies.


Spray Rose Trials at Subati – Subukia Farm

Charles Kariuki (Production Manager – Subati Subukia Farm)

We had an opportunity to speak to Charles Kariuki (pictured) to get their perspective on the program. We were happy to learn that Subati have already identified some promising spray varieties from us which according to Charles are meeting their requirements. “Generally speaking, we are impressed because we’re getting the required long length which is important for our market and at least 5 number of heads per spray, “ says Charles. “In addition, compared to other spray roses that take between 75 to 80 days, we are recording shorter growing cycles of between 65 to 68 days for United Selections’ sprays.” He added.

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Future Plans

Subati Flowers are committed to remain a leader in producing quality roses for their clients as they’ve been doing for years. They intend to keep growing their varieties to have more options for the market. As such, plans are under way to increase some of the spray varieties such as Classic Sparkling, Fire Blossoms, Sweet Pink Classic, and Candy Blossoms (pictured below) to commercial level and/or commercial trials.

Classic Sparkling Fire Blossoms
Sweet Pink Classic Candy Blossoms


For more information, please contact:

Subati Flowers – naren@subatiflowers.com

United Selections – marketing@united-selections.com