United Selections Set to Represent WAC Breeding in Africa and Europe

September 3, 2021

In their pursuit to bring more colours and to contribute immensely to the development of a robust floral supply chain, United Selections’ recent partnership with WAC breeding goes a long way in contributing to this cause.

WAC breeding is famously known for Catch the Bi-colored rose, the Robins and Weavers collections among other established varieties.

United Selections have a strong footing on the red roses, with the established Madam Red and also Upper Class and Red Torch and recently coming up strongly with their spray roses. Breeding a colourful future is a commitment and one that requires a partnership like this to add more colour choices for growers to choose from globally. In regard to this partnership; trial and commercial requests for all WAC varieties; commercial and new varieties in both Africa and Europe will be handled by United Selections.

In the coming weeks/months commercial and new varieties from WAC will be included in United Selections Showhouse in Nakuru, Kenya. To foster this partnership and bring it more to the limelight, expect joined participation for both United Selections and WAC during the open days and other marketing events and exhibitions.

All requests and inquiries regarding WAC commercial and new varieties will all be attended to by United Selections. For more information and questions regarding WAC varieties, please get in touch with;

United Selections

WAC Breeding