Time for Spray Roses

August 9, 2021

Open up to spray roses; we’re excited to introduce our Blossoms line in our spray roses. Over the years we have intensified our breeding operations to bring you cutting-edge, quality and sustainable spray-rose varieties. Blossoms selections have the following varieties, that are already in the market; Pink Blossoms, Tender Blossoms and recently introduced Speaking Blossoms.

Golden, Sweet, Velvet, Snowy, Innocent, Candy and Cherry Blossoms are among new additions in the Blossoms family, which will be available very soon in the market. As we gear towards creating more awareness on our Blossoms line and to foster the consumption of spray roses, Thursd recently published a detailed story regarding our spray roses, specifically the Blossoms line. Please read more by clicking this link Open Up to Spray Roses.

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