Retail Roses: Meet the Colourful Selections

August 26, 2022

As a breeder, we strive to always breed roses that serve every niche and need within the market. For instance, the retail roses are meant to meet the demand of retailers around the world for bright-colored roses, which are highly productive and overly versatile to fit into any mixed floral needs.

Our understanding of retail, is not that of a level below the florists or floral designers alike but we define retail roses as roses with a relatively average bud size of 4-4.5 cm, highly productive, top-notch quality and the ability to arrange invaluable mixed bouquets with them.

Recently, High Key was unveiled as a warm Bi-colored rose with a great quality and touch either as a mono or mixed bouquet. High Key is proudly grown by Bilashaka Roses and it is available in decent supply at the clock.

High Key

In addition to High Key, we are introducing our Smile Series; you can’t help but feel the urge to smile with the experience of these beautiful roses; Meet; Orange, Red, Frosty and Yellow Smile.

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Lastly, we are keeping our promise to breed a colourful future, a future full of love and the desire to give love, this is what it means to have a rose full of love and the promise of it, with our novelty retail red rose; Red Promise.

Red Promise


There is a detailed piece on our retail roses, which we recently did in collaboration with Thursd; Please read it here

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