Nova Vita’s Purity and Charm For You This Christmas!

December 15, 2023

Nova Vita is a brilliant white rose we introduced last year in the market, with our friends Bliss and their unpacked Decofresh. More than a year down the line, it gets better every day, one florist at a time. Nova Vita has traveled a lot past year, from Australia, Monaco, Italy, Netherlands to the furthest regions of Europe. Several floral designers have had the opportunity to work with the elegant Nova Vita and here is what they had to say;


Kristina Rimiene standing next to her Nova Vita arrangement


“I was delighted with the pureness of its petals, while its delicate fragrance creates the perfect harmony with everyone’s heart.” Claudia Tararache

Andreas Frank reckons that;

At first, he thought it might be another “white rose with a tall head” which he personally doesn’t like, but then he carefully chose one for a bridal bouquet, and boom… it transmitted pure love! It was a dream working with this white rose, especially for special workpieces.


A Nova Vita Christmas Tree


Recently Kristina Rimiene did a Christmas floral arrangement using Nova Vita, mimicking the look and feel of a Christmas tree, but in this case an all-white Christmas tree courtesy of Nova Vita. She reckons that being a brilliant white rose, with a big bud size and almost no thorns; it was easy for her to work with Nova Vita.

Rose Nova Vita by United Selections has a spectacular white and large flower head, so I had the pleasure and fun of creating a beautiful Christmas arrangement using this particular species of rose.

Read a detailed review of her Nova Vita-filled Christmas to get a feel and experience the magic of Nova Vita. Ideal winter white and white rose to have for the season. From us to you, have yourself a Nova Vita-filled Christmas holiday.


Happy Holidays!

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