Newsletter July – Bright Torch and open day program

August 3, 2016

Bright Torch

After we successfully introduced Red Torch, we can now proudly announce it’s mutation Bright Torch. This bright red variety has the same strong characteristics as Red Torch. Bud wood is available and samples bunches or trial plants can be requested.

New assortment and open day program

This season we have a large number of additions to both the low altitude showcase in Thika and the high altitude showcase in Nakuru. In order to show you all these new varieties we are preparing the crop at both locations for our next open day.

– Thika open day will be 23rd and 24th of August.
– Nakuru open day will be 20th and 21st of September

A sneak preview of the new assortment is given below. We look forward to and are happy to receive you to one of the showhouse locations.