Madam’s Family Roses – What Makes them Really Awesome?

January 14, 2020

Better still, what really makes a rose variety great? Everyone definitely has a different answer to this question depending on the individual’s personal preferences.

But regardless of this fact, there are universal characteristics that distinguish a mediocre variety to a strong one. The basic traits are the variety color, the length of the stem, the presence or lack of thorns, the sensitivity to diseases, and the ease of growth.

As a breeder, we play a very important role in ensuring that we replicate as much of the desirable characteristics as possible in as a natural process as practicable. We have been able to set up a robust breeding and selection program. Through this program, we are able to introduce superior varieties to the market. For example, in less than a decade ago, we introduced a dynamic red rose variety in the market – Madam Red (a popular Valentine’s Day rose flower).

Today, we have a series of roses with similar characteristics as Madam Red. Together, they form what we call the “Madam’s Family.” These rose varieties include; Madam Red itself, Madam Cerise, Madam Pink, and many more to come.

There are numerous traits that make Madam’s Family stand out from most of the varieties already in the market but below are the most important ones:

  • Great transport characteristics.
  • 100% satisfaction for your customers.
  • Available in good quantities and quality.
  • Always 100% opening on the vase and bouquets.
  • No thorns and beautiful range of colors including red, pink, and cerise.

For more information about Madam’s Family or to request for wall posters of Madam Red, Madam Cerise, and Madam Pink, please contact;