Jumilia- Hot Bi-colored Rose

July 8, 2021

There is a trend right now and a great demand for warm Bi-colored roses by florists. Florists are keen to add a WOW character to their different arrangements and they turn mostly to Bi-colored roses to achieve this.

Jumilia is a classic Bi-colored or rather Bi-Pink coloured rose with the ability to transform any arrangement and add tremendous value. This beautiful rose comes with a stem length of 60 cm and stays long on the vase for 15+ days. Thursd recently did a comprehensive article highlighting Jumilia and giving you more reasons as to why you should go shopping for Jumilia. Please find out more by reading the article by clicking this link https://www.thursd.com/articles/high-quality-bi-color-roses-are-hot-and-this-one-in-particular/

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