Introduction of Red Torch by Alpha Flora at FH-Aalsmeer and Kneppers Rozen at the Flora Holland Auction in Rijnsburg

January 23, 2017

Alpha Flora will be introducing Red Torch this week on Wednesday the 25th of January. Red Torch is a beautiful red rose variety with a big bud size, bright color, long vase life, and excellent on transportability.

The variety will be available to the market as per the specifications below;

–   VBN Code: 116360

–   Length: 50 – 80

–   Bud size: 5 – 6

–   Vase life: 15+

Very soon Kneppers Rozen will follow at Flora Holland in Rijnsburg. Will keep you posted on the exact introduction dates of this supplier. With the increasing availability, Red Torch will strengthen itself further and will be accessible for more buyers.