Introduction of New Colours during our Annual Open Day Event

January 19, 2021

An open day event has always been an important occasion for us; this platform gives us the opportunity to share new varieties with our clients, which we believe are a great fit for their current business needs and for future years.We held our annual open day from 12th to 16th January 2021, the event was heavily attended by Kenyan growers who were eager to make their selection rounds for 2021. Novavita, Pink Sand, and High Key were the new additions in our Standard-rose category, and in the Spray-rose category we introduced the following varieties; Fire Blossoms, Speaking Blossoms, and Golden Blossoms. Golden Blossoms which is our only yellow Spray rose, gained a lot of traction during the event.

Floral daily covered the event and wrote the following article detailing all the unfoldings of the open day and the new varieties, please read more by clicking the link

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