IFTEX 2022: A Review of Key Standard & Spray Roses

June 10, 2022

IFTEX 2022 was much-needed for the floral supply chain, especially after two years break due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As a breeder, it was intriguing to meet and interact with different stakeholders within the supply chain, while showcasing some of our novelties both from our standard and spray assortment.

The following are the top 5 varieties both from standard and spray roses categories, which gained a lot of traction during this year’s IFTEX.

Nova Vita

Nova Vita is a premium white rose, with a relatively big bud size. Its striking pure white color and beautiful shape and opening excited most visitors who paid a visit to our stand at IFTEX. Nova Vita simply means “New Life”, or a “New Beginning”, which makes this rose ideal for weddings, specifically high-end weddings. Nova Vita comes with a stem length of; 50-80 cm, a Vase life- of 15+ days, and a bud size of 6 cm.

Jelle (Our C.E.O) & Sachin (General Manager) of Bliss posing for a picture holding a Vase of Nova Vita)

Rise & Shine

Rise & Shine is a ray of hope, energy, and a positive mood. This new yellow-colored rose will wow you on the vase with its striking shining yellow-colored opening as evidently seen during the IFTEX show.

Rise & Shine (Vase at IFTEX)

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Pink Wave

Pink wave comes third in our list of standard rose which gained significant attention during this year’s IFTEX. Pink Wave is a big-headed pink-colored rose, with a stem length of 50-70 cm and a vase life of 14 days.

Pink-colored roses are meant for expressing your gratitude or celebrating elegance and Pink Wave is the perfect definition of Elegance.

Pink Wave (Vase at IFTEX)

Red Smile

Red smile is a newly introduced red rose, for the retail segment. Being an intermediate rose, production is definitely of no doubt, since it is a highly productive variety. Together with our orange-colored intermediate rose; Orange Smile, which comes fifth in this list. We observed enormous interest from growers who grow specifically for the retail market at the IFTEX show and as a breeder, we believe the smile series will soon be available on any shelves near you.

Red Smile


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Orange Smile

It’s the passionate and bold sentiments this rose exudes with its orange color, not just on the vase but also growing wise this variety is for sure a winner. Orange Smile has the same traits as Red Smile and qualifies as the two new intermediate introductions to monitor.

Orange Smile

Spray Roses

As a breeder, we can proudly state that our progress in the spray-rose segment has been thus far impeccable and we keep on leveling up and breeding to keep up with the market and grower needs. It is good to note that our spray rose corner attracted a good amount of traction at the IFTEX 2022 show and some of the top 5 highlights are listed below.

Golden Blossoms

Golden was the centerpiece of the Blossoms series at the IFTEX. She attracted enough attention to herself, not only with her striking yellow presence but balanced bud size and opening can be attributed to the attention this rose received. Golden Blossoms is already available in the market and therefore it is an opportunity for you to experience this rose as a lover of spray roses.

Golden Blossoms during the IFTEX 2022

Velvet Blossoms

Its velvety red color makes this novelty red-colored spray rose from our blossoms series intriguing to have on your vase or in any mix. She deserves to be on this list and in this case second. A good point to note with our blossoms series is their ability to achieve a uniform balance bud formation, at least 6 buds per stem, and a relatively good length in every variety.

Velvet Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry comes third in this list, cherry is a cerise-colored spray rose with a dark shade of cerise that comes to life as it opens. Cherry gives you this luxury touch and elegance that’s unmatched.

Cherry Blossoms

Snowy Blossoms

Snowy Blossoms is such a delight for floral creatives in the wedding segment. This beautiful white spray rose will definitely be a great addition to your wedding go-to roses.

Snowy Blossoms

Sunset Magic

Sunset cannot miss on this list, it’s striking Bi-colored look and feel drew everyone at the IFTEX show closer to her. Being a garden-shaped spray rose in the Bi-color segment, Sunset Magic is definitely a premium spray rose and a great addition to spray-rose lovers in general.

Sunset Magic

Once again, we want to relay our gratitude to each and every person who took the time to visit our stand. We appreciate the conversations, business, and acquittance as much. Let’s continue what we started at the IFTEX, even as we look forward to next year’s IFTEX. Keep tabs on our new developments and updates by following us on Social media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram.

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