Flowerbuzz Rose of the Month-Finally

February 2, 2021

As you’re aware, flowerbuzz named three varieties from the House series as their varieties of the month for August, October, and December for Lighthouse, Brickhouse, and Whitehouse respectively.

Recently in collaboration with the Atlanta-based import company; cut-flower wholesale; Flowerbuzz tested Finally; our red rose grown in Ecuador. They established Finally as a cabbaged-shaped bright red rose, with an impressive velvety texture and good head size. Being the month of love, it is no surprise why they named Finally as the variety of February 2021. Finally has a beautiful and breath-taking open, while its red color radiates making it a perfect variety for an occasion like Valentine’s Day. Please watch the full video of Finally by clicking this linkhttps://www.flowerbuzz.org/february-2021-rose-finally/

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