Celebrating Rift Valley Roses’ 10 Years of Growing Excellence

December 20, 2021

Recently Rift Valley Roses celebrated their 10 years since the farm started. As a breeder, we are proud of this milestone and celebrate with them. Through their tailored Kaizen philosophy (TUKUZA), Rift Valley roses have continuously elevated the quality of their roses and subsequently built a strong brand in the market.

The grower grows the following roses from United Selections; Red Torch, Bright Torch, and Icon. Rift Valley roses have played an integral role in introducing and supplying our colors to the world of roses and contributing to the happiness of flower lovers around the world. We recognize these efforts and commit to continue to support and partner with our clients to enhance the strength of our floral chain.

To Rift Valley Roses; congratulations on your 10 year anniversary and here is to many more years of growing excellence to come.


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