Celebrate National Rose Month with our Colorful Selections

June 9, 2021

June has always been marked as the national rose month because most of the roses are blooming during this period. This holiday presents yet another great opportunity to soak in the passion, love, and magical touch of roses. Roses have undergone tremendous innovation over the years, especially from a breeding standpoint. From our position as rose breeders, the past decade has been worthwhile, insightful, and rewarding altogether. The end result of our passion and dedication for the past ten years is the beautiful, customer-centric roses both standard and spray roses enjoyed today by different rose lovers around the globe.

There is a rose for every emotion, feeling, and occasion

Whether you want to express your deepest desire and passion towards someone or celebrate a friendship that is dear to you, our wide range of colors will truly come in handy. Love is a beautiful thing and it is why our roses bred with love and a touch of romance, Madam Red and Finally are the most ideal red roses to profess your love. The world needs more love and flowers now more than ever, so do your friendships: with our yellow-rose selections, you are guaranteed to make a lasting impression on your friendships.

The world is slowly resuming normalcy and weddings are set to follow the same trend though not with a lot of aggression. However, we have a perfect assortment for your wedding, it will be a memorable and the most fulfilling day with our white roses. Florists love to explore and try different floral arrangements and we do believe with our orange rose, Confidential, you are capable of lighting up any floral arrangement to satisfy your customers’ needs.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, we have learned a thing or two about the importance of celebrating every moment and the resourceful people around us, these people deserve their roses now. Whether it is your friend, mother, father, lover, or any person in your life; there is a rose for each one of them. Visit our website to explore the different colors and types of roses we have in our assortment. Follow the conversations on our social media platforms too; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to stay up to date. Our world needs more flowers and love now more than ever, let share the roses and keep spreading the love.

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