Breeding and Selection at a Distance

June 12, 2020

As the flower industry reels from the effects of COVID 19 pandemic, companies in the sector are finding ways to adapt to the situation. For us, employees working remotely is normal already for quite some time. “Through the set up and way of working, we are able to work on distance and despite the current difficulties, we are able to get through this period. Having a lean, mean and efficient organization with a fully digitized breeding system. This ensures, all data and information is collected and processed digitally.”

In fact, every day, rose breeder Paul de Bruin is remotely checking his ‘babies’ digitally in the office in De Kwakel, the Netherlands. On his phone? Yes. For almost 10 years, we have successfully been breeding our roses 100% in Kenya, and by having close contacts with colleagues on site and normally traveling to the breeding station in Nakuru, Kenya 8 to 10 times a year, De Bruin has been introducing new varieties on the market for years now. “We breed and select candidate varieties within the same climatic conditions as our clients. And it works.”

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