A bright and Successful Naivasha Open Day, Kenya

March 5, 2020

Last week we held our second Naivasha open day since the official opening of the facility two years ago. Thanks to smooth operations, our showhouse was looking full and colourful than ever before. We received a lot of clients and other visitors who made the event a great success.

The new additions to our assortment received the most attention with the following topping the list:

  1. Miss Mardi (Lavender/Lilac)
  2. Kick Off (Bi yellow)
  3. Pink Nature (Soft Pink)
  4. Yellow Sunburst (Yellow)
  5. Madam Pink (Pink)

We will keep collecting data on these varieties and update all of you on their performance but so far things are looking good! Thank you all for giving us an opportunity to host you.

Have any questions, please send us an email;