March 14, 2024


United Selections Unveils New Showhouse in Ecuador: A great new milestone to breed a colourful rose future for every part in the world.

United Selections, a global and proud rose breeder and well known in the floral industry, proudly announces the grand opening of its new showhouse in Ecuador. This momentous occasion is a new chapter in their commitment to delivering exceptional blooms tailored to Latin American climates.

Situated amidst the picturesque landscapes of Ecuador, Cayambe, our brand new showhouse showcases an exquisite array of standard and spray roses, meticulously selected to thrive in the region’s unique environmental conditions. 

(from Left to right: Hugo Cifuentes, Jelle Posthumus, Sandra Espinel– at united selections farm in Ecuador)

“We are delighted to introduce our latest venture in Ecuador,” says Jelle Posthumus’s CEO at United Selections. “This new facility exemplifies our dedication to further strengthen and serve the Latin American growers – market in an improved way. 

(Paul de Bruin at the united selections farm in Ecuador.)

Visitors will embark on a sensory journey, surrounded by fully planted displays showcasing a diverse range of rose varieties. It includes the well known varieties such as Lighthouse, Madam Cerise, Cotopaxi , Confidential among others. New additions such as Rise & Shine, Peach wave, Isla Bonita and our spray roses collection; Wedding Blossoms, Flamingo Blossoms, Amor Blossoms are in full bloom too. While our newest additions undergo rigorous research and development processes, we are optimistic about their potential to redefine industry standards.

(From Left to right: Hugo Cifuentes, Sergio Illescas, Pablo Cevallos and Andres Davalos – at united selections farms in Ecuador)